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However, you may have to hunt for the game you want to play online but if you know your tastes then this shouldn’t be a problem. Our arcade game website have categories where you can choose exactly the sort of thing you want to play.

You can then discover a whole new world of related games. Playing online can introduce you to all sorts of games you never even had the chance to play as a child.

The good thing about online gaming is that it’s free. Of course, you’re paying for an Internet connection but you’d probably be paying for that anyway.

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Date : 21-04-2015


Free Online Games

Entertainment has been an important part of human life. Without entertainment and fun activities, the human life is no more than dull and dead, that’s why in each century and passage of time, humans has invented and discovered different sources of entertainment. Sports, hunting, filming, dancing, acting and many more activities have been introduced by human to get entertainment. But one of them has changed the whole concept of entertainment. Yes, I am talking about Free Online Games, which are not just puzzle or basic games but it’s also includes popular sports and outdoor activities.

If we look behind, the history is full with different entertainment activities. In past people use to play different outdoor games and sports which did not just provided them pleasure but also help them in their health and fitness. But these games and sports come with very limits and requirement. For example to play football, you have to bring players, without them you cannot play it. Or in some cases, there is availability of players but no place to play like play ground.

Technology has changed our life in many ways, now instead of going to outside and select team players to play football or other outdoor sports we can get all of this at one place within your computer and TV. There is no limit of time, age or gender to play outdoor games due to latest technology. Any one place games anytime.

90’s era is very famous for the growth of games, Atari, Nintendo and many other play stations were introduced in 80’s and 90’s era which has changed the concept of gaming. But this is not the end of growth. In the start of 21th century the concept and growth of internet has taken games to whole new level. Instead of playing games alone at computer, now you can play games online with other players around the world without knowing them.

Just like other technology, online games technology has taken some time to bring all the features. In introduction level of free online games, there were very basic games which come with limits, but in the next step of online games, the game developers has introduced many other amazing features like multiplayer, playing games with other people around the world.

Free online games first come with basic games, and playing high quality games with other players around the world was quite different concept which was possible with computer but you have to modify your computer with HD graphic card and audio. You can defiantly play arcades which required low graphic card and other system requirements but you cannot play online action games smoothly. To overcome this problem the concept of Xbox and Play station were introduced.

Xbox and Play stations are just and other gaming console but with online features. Indeed Atari was a popular and more successful gaming console but playing free online games with Atari was not possible. With Xbox and play stations latest version you can play high quality games live with other people.



Android Games These Days

Android has taken gaming to whole new level by providing high quality games on smart phones. It was Apple who introduced this concept but did not last longer when we compare it with Android because Android has bit advance technology and developers prefer to make games for Android as compare to other smart phone plate form like Apple, Windows or even Nokia etc.


Following is the list of top 10 Android games which are popular these days; I am putting some description with each of Android game along with its download link and requirement of Android version to play

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